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Gay thai massage

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So what is their to do for gay thai massage visitors on a rainy afternoon or evening when the bars are quiet? The question is where to go to find the most delightful massage boy? There are now fewer massage shops than there were in the past which means your geographic location might affect your choice as much as anything. However, the massate remain in Chang Puek area close to the go-go bars and several gay Sax mature Derby options.

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So initially, it came as a bit of a shock to me that with massate guys, one had to work one's way through two items of clothing before one could make any progress! Just because there's physical contact doesn't mean that there's anything sexual about it.

Be especially careful in shops offering all inclusive pricing. For more information visit their new website: www. Whilst you might get a good massage will it have a happy ending? He can't really complain at the decision because gay thai massage was his suggestion, so no doubt he's interested to go too!

Massage boys: chang puek – santitham area

The next day we do some sightseeing, but by mid-afternoon we've run out of energy. The wrong choice of masseur can mean a big disappointment Apollo Massage Last but not least we have news of a new massage shop coming to Chiang Mai.

Marn Mai has survived longer than most massage shops in Chiang Mai so they must be doing something right. Peering through the see-through curtain after a few minutes, I see the muscular guy's exceptionally pert buttocks completely exposed above the towel covering his legs.

Authentic thai massage

The massate menu is fixed to the counter in front of gay thai massage desk and immediately we notice an important message in big bold thau right at the top: No Sex — no hand jobs So just like B said, Thai massage is massage and not sex! The Red reception at Common Massage Chiang Mai Common Massage always seem to have some of the cutest boys in town with new ones arriving all the time.

Just to help your imagination here are a few of the latest guys from their Face Book. But once covered, my excitement gradually subsides, and within about ten minutes the massage comes to an end.

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There's even one steam room which is pitch black inside, although that strikes me as a bit dangerous. However the swimming pool can lead to problems because it encourages guys to wear swimming trunks, and so after a dip in the pool some Women want sex Chester will wear a towel too. Some contact gay thai massage there is probably unavoidable during this kind of therapy, however as I gradually react to the attention, I can't help wondering whether the contact is deliberate.

He covers me with a towel before disappearing for a masssge while, and while he's gone I can't help wondering whether he's actually the masseur.

Thai massage handjob

A tiny proportion of the massage parlours here may be involved in the kind of prostitution that you're inferring, but most of the time Thai massage is just massage. For a full listing, check out our guide to gay massage in Chiang Mai.

There are a couple of good bars, and even a restaurant that looked like Wm looking to pay was serving good quality food. Keep up to date with their Face Book : common After all, perhaps he's just the cute guy that they use to take clients into the rooms and prepare them for the arrival of the masseur.

Apollo is luring us with the promise they will be open by the end of August. I choose the Thai oil massage from the 'no sex' menu, and since a gay thai massage is immediately available, it's not long before I'm being taken into a room by an exceptionally cute young Masage guy.

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Having said that, I don't know whether the masseurs at Babylon gag any good because Tuai don't go there! Diamond House massage boys — some sexy guys waiting for you Masdage Massage Options This article was written at a point in time and massage shops open and close frequently in Chiang Mai, for the best up to date information masage to our gay massage for gay thai massage — guide which has the latest up to date listings. Inside the room there are two massage tables separated by a white see-through curtain which splits the room in two.

The question is where to go to find the most delightful massage boy? My fears turn out to be unfounded and soon the cute guy returns to start the massage. But I'm still sure that he must say that to all the guys! Although I'm not a shy guy, I can't help wondering how obvious I am given that the other two guys will Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Cape May be walking past me, so I peer down the table to take a look.

Before re-ing B, I take some time to look round the rest of the complex, and it's very impressive. Fortunately, there are two massage shops located in the back sois between Thapae Gate and the Night Bazaar which will more likely satisfy your urges. One of the nice things about gay thai massage kind of establishment is that when guys are just wearing a towel they're very accessible. It doesn't take us long to get changed and wearing just our towels, we start to explore the complex.

Common Massage is situated in Chang Puek area close to Santitham, on Hussadhisawee Road, the road that he north from the traffic lights at the intersection on the north west corner of the moat. for taxi directions to Common Massage A the Entrance you will be met in the comfortable greeting lounge which has an unmistakably red theme to it.

There are a couple close by in the main tourist area around Thapae gate and several more elsewhere in the city. So what is their to do for horny visitors on a rainy afternoon or evening when the bars are quiet?

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Heading north, common massage is about M from the moat in a shop house on your left, just after Soi 3, where the New My Way Bar is located. Meanwhile, the more recently opened Diamond Massage is on Kamphaeng Din Soi 1, close to where the old Wall Massage used to be, for old timers who remember that. for taxi map to Girls wanna fuck salinas Mai Massage. I find all the usual cubicles and dark areas, saunas and steam rooms.

There are now fewer gay thai massage shops than there were in the past which means your geographic location might affect your choice as much as anything.

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After about 20 minutes, a muscular guy and another masseur walk in quietly and start to use the other massage table. Here are some photos of Marn Mai and a couple of their masseurs. Unlike the massages that I've had in the spas of up-market hotels in the past, there's no concern that I might be shy about massagw completely naked in front of him.

The massave is quite small and discrete thau can be hard to spot. After all, if someone was to succumb to the heat and collapse as a result of gay thai massage inside for too long, they could be on the floor for ages and no one would spot them. Needless to say, having disappointed my readers here by failing to see either a pussy ping pong or a hard cock show, my primary reason for going is to do some research for a good blog posting.

Although it is the massage that I want, I confess that I do prefer a massage from a guy that I like the look of, compared to a massage Lonely housewives seeking nsa Bristol a guy that I'm not attracted to. Then we can go back to Nassage Land for an oil massage on another day and compare However, the best remain in Chang Puek area close to the go-go bars and several gay accommodation options.

No doubt especially appealing for Chinese customers. Posted by GB at In fact Babylon is much more than a sauna and spa. I'd heard of Babylon because it's Bangkok's famous top quality gay sauna and spa, fay since this is my first visit to Bangkok I'd obviously never been there.

We hail a cab and about 20 minutes later, we're making our way up the stairs inside Babylon to the locker rooms on the first floor.