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Son helps mom pee stories

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Son helps mom pee stories

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My mother was super hot and liked to drink as well. Well i came home after a night gelps partying and drinking When i stumbled in the door she was sitting on the couch watching tv. She saw i was really drunk and i couldnt even make it up the stairs. She was mad but in her drunk stage didnt bitch to much at me.

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I moved between her. Once her finger was in it it felt sort of good, the way she wiggled it.

Mom pissed on me

I stuck out my tongue and licked, it tasted so good, then she began to pee. Now she was wet. Mom and Kathy continued to have their drinks and gossip about the people of the neighborhood. Balls still aching and tired I said I was going to bed. When mom exploded helpe and I licked it all and she said it was my turn. Which i did.

After about a minute mom began slapping my hwlps telling me I was bad again, but my erection remained. So I moved to the front of the toilet. Suddenly Kathy began shaking all over and a river of pee and cum flowed from her pussy. Thats when mom told me I could start peeing.

Mom's bad boy

Mom didnt seem concerned, she told me to keep on what I was doing. And I mean anything. She stood there in front of the mirrors admiring herself for a moment then tried on the flimsy nightie. Chapter 3 The next morning was Saturday, I had gotten dressed and was ready to head out the door to play with my friends. When I was through mommy stood up and told me to sit on the edge of the tub as she moved to the xtories.

Me and Mom.

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Me, I was stuck with a dick of a boyfriend in Phil who got grossed out at the thought of sticking his precious pecker up pee ass in case he got some poo on it. Now you've done it, you missed the bus and I have no car to drive you to school. I just wanted to remind her it was hard and ready.

As I rubbed her pussy she would shove her ass right into my face. But I need matches, the candle went out. I felt her tremble as I moved my tongue across her pussy, it tasted good. Stores fingers went to the top of the crack in my ass and slowly she traced the crack right down to my balls. I was bursting.

She rarely went out to social occasions and had very few friends. This time she called me over and told me to bend over her legs. I was stroking my hard cock when she came in and said to get on my knees. I was left standing in the bathroom with what had now become a raging dick.

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mok As if I had a choice Kathy soon ringing our bell at the front door. I always pee in the shower. Me and Mom Part 1 Until I was about ten, and the birth of my brother mom and I had a good relationship. She spread her legs on the toilet and let me go to town.

I spread her cheeks and began licking. I watched her take off her bra and panties and was staring at her helpe patch of hair between her legs as she lifted her arms to slip it on. Kathy, still sipping her first cup of coffee didnt really seem to care, she still wasnt fully pe yet. Her rubbing and poking became more frantic and urgent.

She sat back down on the toilet and told me son helps mom pee stories pee on her pussy. I could see her asshole and below that, the dark moist hair of her pussy. The one thing really different though is as I had my orgasm I started peeing and just let it fly all over the patio. Smaller and rounder than moms, storirs they both excited me. My stream started and I regulated the flow by squeezing New-goshen-IN looking for sex tip a bit to hold it back slightly.

Mother and son come to terms.

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Suddenly she pulled he pussy wide open and said lick here if so want to clean me. After all I had tomorrow off too. This gave me a very clear view of her pussy, I just stared. I guess I never stopped blaming my son for it, which is why peeing in his room was so fun. I had seen her do this many times but with plain water not pee.

Finally I asked mom if she wanted me to begin dinner. I had just begun to pee so stopping was hard and painful. She put her fingers around my little balls and pulled down I rubbed even harder oblivious to all around me. The fact he's a lazy pain in the ass also son helps mom pee stories.

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Kathy was now moaning more and more as I licked when mom said, "Now clean her ass. I love the institution of adoption and all that it stands for, but in the shadow of adoption is loss.

I thought it to be just rain but as she noticed me looking at it she complained; " These breast of mine keep filling up with milk quicker than my young one can drink it. Would you come over here and make sure you got my pussy nice and clean?