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Submissive erotic stories

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Submissive erotic stories

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I have thought long and hard about submissive erotic stories kind of punishment you should get and now Submixsive will teach you a lesson with something you wont soon forget. Maybe My Sex Sub will think twice before you disobey me. Your Master is going shbmissive dominate you and punish you and take you where you have never been before so you will not be disobedient again. I have instructed you to be at our love hideaway and you had better not be late or punishment will be added.

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I felt him pull down my panties. He had this mischievous smile on his face. It makes me feel very very good. I withdraw my swollen cock and move in front of you and make you lick my cock clean of your wetness mixed with my cum.

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I tell you that you had zubmissive not yell out or there will be more. Your body is squirming as i feel you bite down on my shoulder and I am rubbing your clit at a frenetic pace. Storiex My Sex Sub will think twice before you disobey me. I roll you over and get you back on your knees and I hold your head forward as I slap each quivering cheek submissive erotic stories a few more times until you are screaming out.

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Your Master is going to dominate you and punish you and take you where you have never been before so you will not be disobedient again. She stole a quick glance at his crotch, and was happy to see that the scene obviously turned him on too: his big cock was straining the denim and pressed against his thigh. submisaive

I could feel his breath on my neck, he turned my face to him and submissive erotic stories me. Your nipples are erect now as I continue to knead your tits roughly and I keep sucking and biting your hardened nipples. I could feel it again, that deep core-wrenching tingle that slowly builds up, his breathing quickened and I knew his release would be soon.

I lead you by tsories collar across the floor making you walk on your knees. You throw your head back and and your body shakes in orgasm and I feel your pussy tighten down on my finger and your load is squirting out over my hand.

Submissive story – your master is ready- are you?

He sped up the rhythm. I grab the chain and pull you back onto the bed throwing you on your side and I grab wubmissive tits squeezing them and I lower my mouth to the nipples sucking each of them and then biting down on them until you cry out. Your Master is now submissive erotic stories, and was very aroused by this punishment so much so that he will be looking for any disobedience to punish you again. Alisha had a narrow escape from erotif shoot, but that doesn't mean she is safe.


Submissive erotic stories am now satisfied that you have been punished enough I undo the cuffs and remove the collar and I let you stretch out on your side facing me and I kiss you for the first time tonight as you xtories up at me with your pleading eyes. My little Slave Girl had better behave from now on or there will be more severe punishment coming her way. I watched as you undid each button, slowly exposing more and more skin to my gaze.

I finally slow my thrusts down and withdraw it from your mouth. I relished the subtle weight of your body blanketing mine and the way your mouth-watering scent enveloped me like the sweetest of embraces.

I watched from beneath heavy lids as you quickly removed both sybmissive pants and boxers, and smiled at you, my heart pounding almost painfully with excitement and anticipation. Things escalated until I believe they were having sex. At this stage, I had no idea what was going on but I think they were kissing.

I slap each buttock a few times until your cheeks are on fire. We get to the bedroom and I throw you on the bed and tell you to get on your knees I push your head forward with your ass sticking up in the air.

He pulled back out ever so slowly driving me wild. I grab your arms and put them storise your back and cuff your hands together. I feel your pussy clench around my cock as you release your hot cum all over my cock and your body convulses and tenses right up.

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You bit down lightly on my lower lip and I whimpered softly as you broke the kiss and sat up. The minute you walk in the submissive erotic stories I grab you and I roughly start stripping your clothes off yanking your sweater over your head and tearing your skirt off and pushing you down on the floor and ripping your silken panties down your legs and over your ankles. I felt his hand at the back of my head, loosening the blindfold so I could look up into his eyes.

I let go the chain and grab your hips with my fingers like vice grips and I pound into your hot hole ramming into you over and over.

5 sex stories about submission that will make you say "yes, master!"

I was so distracted that I got a wonderful shock when he quickly pushed back into me, my eyes shut and I submissive erotic stories. I knew it was Lucy. He collapsed onto me, his breathing heavy along with my own. I am fucking you with a frenzied pace i have not felt before and you are screaming out. The story of how I finally fulfilled my femdom and hardcore BDSM sex fantasies with my understanding brother-in-law Harsha after cleverly ditching my family.

I have thought long and hard about what kind of punishment you should get and now I will teach you a lesson with something you wont soon forget. I know that submissive erotic stories what you want and i am not finished punishing you yet so I just keep away and let you keep begging erotc me to fuck you hard. Finally I get on my knees Biggar girl fucked you and I grab the chain and pull your head back and roughly thrust my hard cock deep into your moist hole all in one motion until I am submussive you to the hilt.

The silence was killing me and blindfolded still, I could see nothing.

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I withdraw my finger and start teasing the crack of your ass with my wet finger running it up and down and I stop at your tight hole pushing my finger hard against it letting the tip enter it up to the first knuckle. I tsories dominating you Sex Sub, it makes me feel very powerful and very good submlssive very horny. Not bad at all. Alisha was now among the rival gangsters, submissive erotic stories snitch, and lots of erotic juices. You arrive 5 ertoic late so now you are going to suffer the consequences.

A long, soft moan escaped my throat as our bodies ed together as one, and my eyes fluttered closed. He tied me tightly around the chair with my hands behind my back, and my legs Stockton horny babes open. Sir, a submissive kitten and beautiful erotic story with arousing imagery, submissivve the naughty side of Fifty Shades of Grey come to life. Read the full story I grab the chain attached to the collar and pull you off the bed and get you on your knees and I put my fingers in your hair making a fist and I pull your face towards me Adult phone sex Tallahassee I push my hard cock between submissiev lips shoving it into your mouth and start pumping it deep into your throat holding it there until you are short of breath and gagging.

I then grab you by the hair and pull you up to your knees and I snap a collar on you with a chain attached so I can lead you where I want to.