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Supernatural boyfriend quiz

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Supernatural boyfriend quiz

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What is your favorite season of Supernatural?

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His tablet.

Salt and burn the remains. Use your intelligence.

Use your powers. Boyfriennd hair and hazel eyes. Supernatural is an American television series which sees two brothers Sam and Dean Supernatural boyfriend quiz hunt a whole host of deadly monsters. I tend to lean towards eating things that are rich and hard to obtain. What would you rather do with your ideal man?

Who is your supernatural boyfriend?

I like them all. A complete badass that is a jerk to others but is kind to you and only you.

I loved watching Sam struggle with his addiction to demon blood. Yes No It's for the greater good and you know it, but can you actually go through with it?

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Superntural got Gabriel! There is absolutely nothing healthy about my diet. I would say it would be his tender heart. He knows how to do a woman right. Blonde hair and blue eyes. I have a big family, with a few that I'm close to.

Black hair and brown eyes. Pop quiz: How do you banish a ghost?

Figure out which character from supernatural suits you the best!

Advertisement In what season did your boyfriend make his first appearance? You got Adam! A sweetheart that is smart spernatural kind and compassionate A funny, fun loving guy that can always make you laugh A normal guy that takes you on normal dates A guy that is adventurous and takes you places that are amazing. What are you going to do?

Sam fighting ghosts in Supernatural. Figure out which character from Supernatural suits you the best! Crack them up with a joke and pass them a beer. He's the first thing I noticed when Supernatural premiered. Question 24 Pop quiz: What do angels need to possess you? Question 20 Wait Supernatural boyfriend quiz self-loathing but incredibly loyal, this rough-around-the-edges green-eyed baby will love you until the stars die.

Describe yourself in one word.

Take this quiz to find out! Being possessed does supernatural boyfriend quiz seem like an enjoyable experience, but Castiel's hands are tied without, well, hands. Advertisement When you two are getting ready to leave, what does your date make sure he doesn't forget to take before departing? I'm still going to peel off your skin and eat your soul.

Advertisement What is your favorite quote from Supernatural? I'm a relatively healthy eater. Do you remember these moments? Advertisement What kind of car do you drive?

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Short, intelligent, and a world of cute, this incredibly attractive Trickster will show you what it's like to live adventure. Will you be the arms and legs of this powerful angel and do your part to save the world? What do you think would happen to you if you were on Supernatural? Turn into a demon Get possessed supernatural boyfriend quiz an Angel because I thought it was the right thing Die for the people I love Get obsessed with demon blood Betray my friends in order to save myself 11 Oh no!

We know which "supernatural" character you should end up with

Even without a higher power looking over their shoulder, there are still rules that angels must follow. Go out hunting. Give comforting advice and be really gentle. Question Advertisement You finally score a date with one of our lucky bachelors.

Who would be your boyfriend in supernatural?

Maybe it's the syrupy British accent, maybe it's the flowery sass, or maybe it's just that Balthazar is the hottie you're looking for, but this beautiful angel will rock your world. You got Sam! There are still certain things that angels simply cannot do, even if demons have no problem with it. I enjoyed the season where Supernatural boyfriend quiz had a romance with the Darkness.

Brown hair and amber eyes.