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Used panty stories

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Used panty stories

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I arrived and a guy answered the door. He let me in and led me to the bathroom.

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Sniffing a customer's dirty panties

Please take them off and give them to me. After what seemed like an eternity, I heard the door open. The smell was strong. I jacked off numerous times with those panties. When I was done I said, "I think you are clean now.

Used-panties confession stories and sins

What do I do As I got to the door that I knew was Emily's I was so excited. I said, "Yes. My xtories invited me to a used panty stories she was having at her block of apartments with the friends she works with. I HAD to smell the panties that she just took off. I quickly had a rummage and was in heaven??

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Let me step back in time to tell you how I arrived at this point I could tell she was about to have maybe her first orgasm in MY mouth! Pantty knocked on the door frame. One of my favorite kids to babysit was 7-year-old Amanda. Nice and pale skin and nicely shaped. God I loved her panties!

Dirty panties stories

I stood in the living room and bullshitted with the husband. Her cheeks were so pink! I just got back from the gym and really need it!

I stuck the panties in my pocket. I touched her clothes.

Subscribe He walked back to the bathroom. Of course, then I was 12, and my pussy was really wet now too!

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I inhaled. I took those dirty panties home with me as a momento. I walked in and she was in a towel.

She used to love to sit on my lap while we watched TV. I was hard looking forward to it. Again, really smelly.

They were damp. The crotch of them was a much darker purple from the sweat. I took one more big whiff and put the panties back underneath the yoga pants. She arrived in the bathroom.

The fabric slid in between her ass cheeks and I wished I could too. She had her hair pulled up into a ponytail. The crotch had visible cream on it.

It was sweaty. I got up and snuck over to the hamper.