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Where is the bus station in pattaya

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Where is the bus station in pattaya

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Re: Pattaya Bus Station Name? Have you ventured forth into the Pattaya City area from Jomtien Beach area at all?? If you have then you already know how much money it will take to get to Pattaya City locations.

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The terminal is on the north-bound side of Sukhumvit highway, exactly opposite the Nakhon Chai Air terminal.

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The 1st class buses air-con, with on-board toilet, cost THB, 2nd class buses air-con, but usually without on-board toilet, cost THB. They are pick-up trucks with two benches for seating. Long Distance Bus Journeys in Thailand Traveling long distances by bus in Thailand is relatively cheap, but I can tell you personally it can also literally be a pain in the ass. An international airport serving the popular holiday destination of Bangkok, Te is well-connected with most international and domestic airlines operating in and out of the airport.

Depends on where you are going. Alternatively, you can book Bell Travel Service bus tickets online and other Pattaya bus tickets from the trusted online booking portal BusOnlineTicket. If you book with 12Go. Buses to Pattaya depart from all terminals in Bangkok. By Motorcycle Taxi: The most convenient way, especially if you are downtown Pattaya.

Getting in

You can buy tickets directly at the departure terminal or at any travel agency, prices are not negotiable. The bus stations are easy walking distance from here.

Google search will give you photos for this bus station. To reach your final destination outside the terminal are available the songthaews, which depart when full, every few minutes.

Instead, you have to go to the relevant counter at the terminal and they will give you a seat on the next available bus. These buses cover the distance to and from Bangkok in between two and three hours depending on traffic because they use the high-speed expressways and have only a couple of deated stops along the way. Line B departs from the arrivals hall on the second floor, near Gates 1 and If going to North Pattaya Bus Station and the baht bus he straight on or turns left back to Pattaya Beach Road from Dolphin roundabout, get off and wait on North Pattaya Road for a baht bus heading east, in the opposite direction of Pattaya Beach.

Tickets can be purchased directly at the station and must be bought at least 30 minutes prior to departure. The bus station is quite a comfortable place to wait, with plenty pattaya seating available, a newspaper stand, a couple of places to buy snacks and public toilets which costs 5 baht to use. For more information on schedules, destination and booking tickets, see the Yellow Bus websitein English and Thai Language, Please note the Yellow Bus website is quite offline or not operating.

For reference, and means of getting to and from bus terminals in Pattaya, use this handy getting around Pattaya guide.

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Talking to the driver might increase the chance of you paying more. You can buy tickets directly at the departures. Price about baht for around a 2 hour ride. Do your research and know where you want to go before you start the trip. Motorcycle rentals are also very popular tsation Pattaya even though not the safest.

As a general rule, the fewer seats on the bus the better. The airport buses leave every hour on the hour from to and take approximately two hours to reach Suvarnabhumi Airport Departures Level 4.

Expect to pay around 20 to 50 baht per person for a songthaews into central Pattaya. Expect to pay between 10 and 20 baht per person, per ride. Nakhon Chai Air bus terminal on the south-bound side of Sukhumvit highway. FAQs on the side can be helpful too. You can contact them on The bus station on North Pattaya Road shows on this map.

Pattaya bus and coach stations

Phet Prasert Bus Terminal The Phet Prasert terminal is located on the southbound side of Sukhumvit highway, opposite Boonthavorn, approximately meters north of the Pattaya central Klang junction. Yellow Bus, operated by Roong Reuang Coach, and 2nd class governmental buses connect Pattaya directly to the ubs cities, such as Nakhon Ratchasima, Buriram, Surin, Nong Khai and Khon Kaen, for some other destinations it is necessary change the buses in Nakhon Ratchasima.

The famous seaside is well connected to the capital, and many other cities of Bs, with an efficient bus service. The bus stops at Pattaya on routes to and from Trat and Rayong.

Sure, they recline, and they are more comfortable than seats on a standard bus, but they are still restrictive and have little legroom. A frequent bus service 2 hours plies between Pattaya and Bangkok connecting the main bus terminal of Pattaya with other bus Fucking asian woman of Bangkok.

I recommend whenever possible pay the extra for a comfy seat, or even consider taking a daytime express train for about the same price.

Tickets cannot be booked in advance. If taking the baht bus to any of the bus buw on Sukhumvit at Pattaya Klang Centralunless the baht Deventer meet discrete woman turns right east towards Sukhumvit wherre, simply get off and wait for one heading east and get off just before the highway. The most frequent departures are from Ekkamai, the Eastern Bus Terminal more close to Pattaya, where buses leave every thirty minutes between and each day.

Unless your hotel in Jomtien is really out in the sticks and you have to pay custom rides for everything.

Line A departs from the passenger lounge on the first floor, near Gates 1 and As the name suggest most of the buses going to Bangkok from Pattaya or from Pattaya to Bangkok departs and arrive in this Pattaya bus station. Tickets cost baht per person. Suvarnabhumi Public Transportation Centre is only 3 kilometres north of Airport.

The journey from Bangkok to Pattaya takes about two hours and half, but times vary depending upon traffic.