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Wife beach sex stories

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Wife beach sex stories

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Indian sex stories online. At allindiansexstories you will find some of the storeis indian sex stories online across all your favorite. Enjoy some of the best bhabhi storiee aunty sex stories, hot incest stories and also some hot sexy chat conversations. Make sure to bookmark us and come back daily to enjoy wife beach sex stories stories submitted by our readers. It was a long weekend and we had booked a cottage there with all the good facilities and adequate privacy as we wanted to relax and chill out. We reached there around noon on Friday.

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I was looking out for her since last evening …. Joshi were happy listening to them. They held their mutual climaxes for what seemed like minutes. I knew Richa loves it when she is tested physically and he was doing it to perfection and he just kept going. I returned my hand between her legs and again slipped a finger into her wet slit.

But then he quickly looked away. Her boobs jiggled as she moved. Off course Richa was on safe days so it did not really matter. I could see Joshi uncle excited as well. It wife beach sex stories simply beyond imagination. She was literally kissing and biting me all over that I had to somewhat control her aggression. There was no way I could have denied. Gradually their mating ceased and Theo lay on top of Susan while they both recovered.

I was snapped out of my trance by the frantic moaning of both of them. All of them smiled at it.

He looked in our direction. We spent a lot of time talking about our little escapade and how it had happened, whether we would do it again. The prey is still very hot. Susan suddenly screamed out and arched her back so that she was pressed up against Theo as he continued to plough into her willing white cunt. I just pulled her closer and we kissed and kissed forever.

My wife on the beach

She was obviously happy to wear and show him how they looked on her body. She managed to match his aggression and started sucking him fast and deep.

Her face said it all: are you completely insane? Our room was on the second floor and it was easy to see through the narrow wooden posts in the low balcony wall.

What there was seemed to very thick and white and I suspected that this was a of highly potent sperm. Who knows, maybe one day we will. It seemed he had tremendous stamina as he kept humping her for a long time. He made Shukla stand facing camera and asked Richa to be in front with her head reclined on his chest and her hands holding his muscular arms.

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The manager was quite nice bach well to clear off all checkout formalities for us and insisted us to return to the cottage. Fuck, it was a scene to die for. We got into our car and were heading back to home. She will tell him to be careful and you can tell him to pull out before he comes.

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Before anyone could react, uncle stepped in and jumped on Richa. Claudia squirmed. Slowly Theo worked lower down her back and massaged her lower back. We were kissing and beacn each other all the time while wife beach sex stories there in the hot middle eastern men tumblr water. I kept thinking. I tried wif connect with her once more while we were driving back as uncle asked her to sit in front while the new lovebirds occupied back seat in the car.

Theo rested for a minute allowing Susan to adjust to the huge cock that was invading her tight cunt. He first removed all her constraints and Richa appreciated it with a peck on his cheeks.

The vacation to konkan beach

My head was spinning. It was good knowing them as they had been to the place wife beach sex stories and were fond of traveling. Why are you abusing Sir? Just then however Theo said "turn over and I'll do you front. After the meal, he and aunty went to wkfe cottage while I and Richa were lingering around. I was absolutely speechless, Richa was moaning instead of shouting and Joshi uncle had an expression as if he achieved something.

She was panting now. It was nicely done room with all the facilities like AC, fridge, LCD, nice smooth king size bed and even a nice bath tub. He was dying to touch her melons but was not allowed any time.

The effect was to squeeze her boobs together. Richa sat perfectly and aunty pushed her hands behind a little tight making her stretch her body a wiff. Theo glanced and me and smiled and then lowered his head and started to eat Susan wife beach sex stories. Once Richa adjusted herself to his movements, he increased his speed a bit giving her the run for her money. And so I found myself slowly nodding to this stranger who was fucking my wife on a beach.

On the beach

By the time we returned to hotel it was almost evening. Xex her semiconscious state it was so erotic to see her heels digging into his bronzed ass as if trying to get him even deeper into her cunt. Is it okay if I stay here or shall I move out uncle? I remember he asking Richa if she wanted to shoot some sexy poses with me but she refused outright to my surprise.